Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of patients with limited function as a consequence of disease, injury, impairment and/or disability.

The focus of Rehabilitation Medicine

The focus of Rehabilitation Medicine is on people and how they function in a community context. The medical condition of each patient is interpreted in terms of function in realms such as mobility, self-care, community interactions and on the psychological responses and social consequences associated with loss of function.

As doctors we diagnose by history taking, examination and investigation; assess limitation of activity and restriction of social participation; prescribe medications, exercises, adaptive devices, and modifications; intervene through neuromuscular and musculoskeletal injections and procedures; predict possible outcomes; consult, refer and report with medical colleagues; measure and benchmark clinical outcomes; communicate with patients and their carers.

As managers we solve complex problems in individuals and organisations; coordinate and lead multi-disciplinary rehabilitation services; monitor, review and report on rehabilitation issues; certify abilities and outcomes.

Medical assessment

From the onset of a disability and at appropriate intervals thereafter a skilled medical assessment is made that is aimed at the restoration of the disabled person to the fullest level of physical, mental, social and vocational functioning of which that person is capable.

Clinical focus

Our clinical focus is on neurological disorders (e.g. stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal injury, brain injury, spasticity and MS); musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions (including fractures, joint replacements, arthritis, osteoporosis, and sporting injuries); acute and chronic pain (including back, neck and nerve pain); amputations; occupational injuries; cardiorespiratory disorders; and other complex or chronic conditions (including cancer and burns.)

Source: Australasian Faculty Rehablilitation Medicine